Crochet & Knit

Anchor Baby Pure Cotton

Made from 100% cotton, natural, combed and not mercerised. It is a hypoallergenic and saliva resistant to be entirely safe for the new-born.

Anchor Creativa

Soft and silky 100% mercerised cotton yarn, lightweight, hypoallergenic and breathable and very easy to handle.

Anchor Freccia

A 3 ply yarn structure, 100% Egyptian mercerised cotton, a delicate balance of softness, flexibility, body and brightness.

Anchor Mercer Crochet

Extra thin Egyptian cotton thread, with a 6 cord construction and double mercerised it offers high strength and lustrous.

Anchor Metallic

A fine crochet yarn with brilliant metallic effect, a blend of Viscose and metallised polyester for a soft touch and pleasant feel.