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Anchor is a premium quality, fashion orientated crafts brand that inspires people to express their unique style. At Anchor we believe that whatever your skill level or whatever you want to make, if you can imagine it, you should be able to create it with Anchor!

We  produce the highest quality threads and the widest colour ranges allowing you to pick, chose and experience the joy of creating. Whether on your own or with others, making something unique for yourself or for your loved ones, Anchor supports you through every step of your creative journey.

Our Anchor portfolio includes our top quality Hand & Embroidery threads, Crochet & Knitting yarns along with a large collection of Kits & Canvases.

Find us at and follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @anchorcrafting.  Tag us and use the hashtags #anchorcrafts and #anchorthreads when you share your crafting photos!

Get Inspired

On you’ll find inspiration for all sorts of crafting projects from women’s fashion to baby clothing, home furnishing to decor, and everything in between. Swipe through some of our all-time favourite designs and download the pattern right on our website.