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Anchor Stranded Cotton

A 6 strands extra-long staple 100% Egyptian cotton double mercerised thread that provides a brilliant lustre, unique softness and intense light reflection.

Anchor Tapisserie Wool

100% Pure New Wool thread with a uniform tight twist (4 ply) construction which provides an even work and minimises fraying.

Anchor Soft Embroidery

A soft and thick, extra-long staple 100% Egyptian Giza cotton thread with a matt finish.

Anchor Pearl Cotton

With a unique silky touch, Pearl Cotton is a mercerised, loosely cabled 2ply embroidery thread which adorns and perfectly enhances embroidery creations.

Anchor Coton à Broder

An extra long staple 100% Egyptian cotton thread, mercerised and lustrous tightly twisted in 4 Ply.

Anchor Lace

100% Egyptian Cotton mercerised thread with a 2 and 3 ply structure, ideal for lacework.

Anchor Metallic

A single ply chain construction embroidery thread made with Metallised Polyester and Polyamide for a shinning effect.

Anchor Marlitt

100% Viscose and loosely twisted (4ply) embroidery thread with a spectacular high sheen.

Anchor Lamé

A strandable (12) metallic embroidery thread made of Viscose and Metallised Polyester for a metallic effect.