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Dee Hardwicke

MEZ has collaborated with commercially successful artist & designer, Dee Hardwicke. Inspired by both her love of the British landscape , and the artisan tradition of the Arts & Crafts movement, Dee has a diverse portfolio and is passionate about creating designs which are both beautiful and practical.

Dee’s experience enables her to create stunning fabrics which bring joy and colour to everyday life. At MEZfabrics we are excited to present the Dee Hardwicke fabrics collection; 26 beautiful fabrics which take inspiration from Dee’s favourite landscape, the cottage gardens and countryside surrounding her Welsh studio.

The Range

The Dee Hardwicke collection is made with 26 fabrics issued from 4 original main watercolours and 4 secondary designs to play and combine with. The collection has been created in such a way that it features 5 trendy, fresh, commercial colourways and can be presented with the following easy commercial combinations suitable for patchwork and sewing projects!

No. 1 Night
Bold and stunning dark backgrounds made of deep navy blue and greenish black tone which enhance the vibrant fuchsia and cranberry shades making them bright. This combination surprisingly still speaks of spring.

No. 2 Mint
A fresh combination of tender greens and soften turquoise blues highlighted by fine touches of golden ochre. The navy-blue background brings depth to the main shades whereas the white background presents them more peacefully. This combination can be as playful as romantic and will speak to a large female audience.

No. 3 Teal
Teal tones are predominant in home decoration and are smartly used in this combination where Clematis are contrasted with geometric shapes and straight lines for a more modern look. The teal blue fits perfectly with the yellow ochre which bring warmth to balance the coolness of the the blues. Sun and sky are indeed the perfect summer spring combination.

No. 4 Red
Soft water pink, darker burgundies, light browns are the key shades of Red which will delight the timeless romantic crafters and sewers. The matching geometric brings a touch of disruptive shapes for a modern effect.

No. 5 Green
Teal green, light grey and sparkling cranberry are main element of this colourway. Leaves and dragonflies to combine with stripes and geometric. The synergy of this combination allies romanticism and bucolic feeling.

The Brochure

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